We thank you, our customers, for your repeated business and positive feedback.


“You guys are the best. I have gotten ripped off by Geek Squad and I would never ever go back to them. You guys don’t treat your customers like idiots which some help tech people do their customers. The amount of patience you have is beyond incredible. And I don’t know how or why but you guys are always able to fix my computer problems and some times teach me a thing or two. I am not a complete idiot with computers but some things with computers I just never got.”
Melissa in LI, NY
“I was very excited with the help I received to get my computer stuff running the way it needed to. I have used this service many times when I have a question or needed assistance and would recommend it to anyone who is a computer dummy like I was. Not only did they help me but they have taught me much about my computer and what I can do with it.”
Tina in Maine
“I have used the service a couple of times and each time I have had nothing but a good experience. I will be using them again for sure.”
John in NY
“HelpTech Solutions helped me speed up my computer and got my Outlook to work properly. They were extremely professional and efficient.”
Jason in NJ
“My Baby, My Computer! I must say I was skeptical when I contacted HelpTech Solutions, but they put me at ease and literally walked me thru everything. They did everything to put me at ease and what’s great is it still works, after so many others tried only to have it work for a short period of time then something else goes wrong, it’s like they looked in looking glass for future problems too, I am happy!!!”
Jill S. in NY
“Used HelpTech Solutions twice for my computer service. When you have kids using your computer, you need fast and reliable service. They fixed my computer and it has been working error free for quiet some time now. Price was reasonable and if I ever have another issue (knock wood), I will come back to HelpTech Solutions.”
Nelly in NY
“I am very pleased with how they helped me get back online. My Windows 8.1 laptop wouldn’t start, everytime it tried to get to my desktop screen, it would jump like in a continuous loop. My laptop was non-functional! Thanks to HelpTech Solutions, they were able to fix my problem and get my laptop up and running again. Highly recommended!”
Marlene in NJ
“When I need help in any technology I use HelpTech Solutions. What a life saver, I recommend that you use their services or contact them. Can’t go wrong with HelpTech Solutions, I tell you.”
Agita in NY